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Since I use Gentoo Linux as my main Linux distribution, I wrote ebuilds for most of my packages. All ebuilds I write are first tested in the AstroFloyd overlay. They may stay there, or move on to e.g. the science or sunrise overlays. In addition, the AstroFloyd overlay may contain specific, old or patched versions of packages otherwise available in portage or other overlays. Since all packages are masked by default, adding the AstroFloyd overlay won't screw up your system. To add the AstroFloyd overlay to your system (make sure app-portage/layman is installed), do:
# layman -a AstroFloyd

You can also:
  • Browse the AstroFloyd overlay on     Gentoo icon
  • Clone the AstroFloyd overlay with   git clone git://

Gentoo Science overlay

Many of my ebuilds are science-related and may move to the Gentoo Science overlay.

Gentoo-related software projects

Name Description Code
GentMaint A collection of bash scripts to aid the maintenance of a Gentoo Linux system SourceForge icon SourceForge
GitHub icon GitHub

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